Efr 130 Watt Power Supply


Power Supplies

Power Supplies for CO2 laser tubes

EFR power supplies for CO2 laser tubes adopt zero-current half-bridge soft-switch circuit to ensure the equipment has advantages of high efficiency, rapid response speed and simple port control, and applicable to two signals – high and low level. TTL level is to control the laser on/off, in the meantime, the power supply has an anomalistical protective switch to check whether the outer water and air, etc. are free or not. Adjust the laser power: Input imitative signal, from 0 to 5V, or input PWM signal to control the output laser power Ageing test before leaving the factory: Each power supply before sold will go throuth the ageing tests, which is made at tempareture 65ºC with full-load condition and sustains 10 hours, is turned on/off 300 times within 7 seconds Main features of EFR Power Supply: 1、Excellent compatibility . 2、Extending the lifespan of the laser tube 3、Power supply has a feedback port, which can be used for closed-loop control and also for checking the laser tube’s operating current. 4、Power supply iteself has a protection while in open-circuit state: Under the outer shell of the power is well connected with the ground, the power supply can be used in open-circuit state within a short time so as to avoid damaging the power supply when the laser tube leaks. Furthermore, the poewr supply’s working lifespan will be prolonged.

Technical Parameters of the Power Supply





Input Voltage

AC220V or AC110V(please attach a note when placing an order)

AC Frequency


Cold Surge Current

≤60A(input AC220V)/≤30A(input AC110V)

Leakage Current

≤0.7mA(input AC220V)/≤0.4mA(input AC220V)

Max Output Voltage




Max Output Current

DC 35mA

DC 35mA

DC 38mA


≤92% (full-load)

MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures)

≤10000 hours

Response Speed

≤1ms(from Switching signal to the output current achieve to 90% of Pre-set current

Control Port

TTL Level switch control, valid level has high/low choices.


input―output,input―machine shell;AC1500V 10mA 60s  output cathode is connected with the machine shell


Used in open-circuit state within a short time (request that the outer shell be well connected with the ground , in the meantime, avoid arcing between anode and machine shell.)

Working Environment

Work temperature:(-10―40)℃。 Relative humidity:≤90%

Cooling Type

Forced air cooling

Size L×W×H(mm)





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